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WHOLESALE ONLY.Unless Customer provides Valco-Tronics Inc with a valid and applicable exemption certificate, Customer agrees to collect and remit payment of all sales, use, excise or similar taxes levied or based upon its use or purchase of Products and assessed by local, state or federal taxing authority. If it is determined by a tax authority that Customer should have been paying taxes on purchases from Valco-Tronics Inc and was not doing so, Customer will be responsible for and will pay all taxes and will be responsible for all interest, levies and penalties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Parties will be individually responsible for employment taxes of its own employees and taxes based on income. Shipments, including first-time orders, cannot be released until Customer provides the following:

  1. A Sales Tax Resale Number indicating exempt status.
  2. A Federal Identification Number.
  3. Verification that all merchandise will be sold with the intention of resale by Customer.
  4. A valid sales tax resale certificate or a signed Multi-State Sales Tax Exemption and Resale Certificate.
  5. Verification and validation that Customer's business is an industry-related business in good standing.
  6. A completed Credit Card Authorization form (if Customer's payment terms requires).